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Integration of all the technical, economic and market information in a single platform providing an integral and real time vision of the situation of the company.

Identify in real time concrete problems and its economic value.

Time saving in the devising of reports by combining technical and economic information and automatic email sending of reports.

Revenue increase due to higher efficiency at the plants and costs reduction in the management tasks.

Opening of the solution so it can be reused by other systems and security of the cloud data.

Accessibility to the web platform from any computer or mobile device with internet access.


Smart management platform for renewable assets

Focused on user’s objective and due to its conceptual, clean and clear design, Kren4 is a platform simple and easy to use that needs no manual or training. The professional look and feel produces a reliable tool for the investor that has all the key information in a single web application that is presented in a smart way. The manager has increased accuracy and productivity due to the automation of daily tasks. As you may personalize Kren4, you in effect own hundreds of different software.

Kren4 interacts with all the data sources relevant for the management of your portfolio. It includes permanent connection with the plant equipment, electricity price updates, etc. All this information converges in Kren4 and allows a complete real time analysis of what is happening to your portfolio. Furthermore, Kren4 supports any protocol of communication, so any plant with internet access may be integrated. The transmission of the data is encrypted for security reasons and the use of compressed files significantly reduces the internet speed requirements.