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What is happening?

Quickly detect failed generators with 1-min updated data from your plants. All details for each plant are also available.


How much are we producing?

Kren4 analyses the historic production and its main components to understand the divergences from what is expected. Compares the differences between generators to detect low efficiency.


Why did it fail?

Kren4 reports the different causes about the issues and its economic value. Comment and take pictures about the maintenance activities carried out in the plants and the state of the stock.


What has happened?

Visualize, export and create your own reports with the technical and economic information saved in Kren4 in an easy and quick way to set up any analysis.


Are there any problems?

Kren4 analyses the data received from the platform and checks possible communication, production, availability, alarms or billing problems. Warnings and sending of notifications can be personalized.


How much are we earning?

Kren4 finds the discrepancies between official invoices and the ones planned by Kren4. Check incoming earning invoices and its breakdown, captured prices, balance sheet, P&L and financial KPIs.